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Good luck to all our players this weekend. I’ll try to add updates to the Facebook Page / Group when I can. May your dice be on your side. Below are some notes about the qualifier that you may already know, but are a great reminder.

Qualifier Notes

Take Pictures

You will want to advertise your event and the players, but so will I. Send me some pictures of at least the Finalists, but I’ll gladly take more.

Collect Names and Email addresses

and send them to me. Players can only attempt to qualify at one location. Submitting these names will not only allow me to encourage them to participate in the future, but keep track of players participation level.

Use the Score Sheet

It will answer a majority of their questions. If you have a question, email us. If it’s a time sensitive issue, call or text me.

Play the same mission as the Final

I strongly encourage you use the CAGE Match Mission. It is what the Final will use and preps the players for that type.

Play different deployment types

from the Score Sheet. This will provide a variety to challenge the players. Also note that you don’t have to play Round 1-3 on the score sheet. You could play Round 1,3,5 or what ever you see fit. You could play them all, it’s your choice.

You set the requirements

For your qualifier regarding their painting requirement, and rankings/pairings/stuffs, you set the standard. The Final will be Win/Loss, but that format may not suit a three round tournament.

Determined your Top Three players

that can attend the Feb 8-9th Final and those players will be invited to the Final.

Send in the Score Sheets

Send me the completed Score Sheets. Sending pics is likely the easiest. This allows me to look at the Score Sheets and collect data (a sickness of mine) to make decisions on the future missions, or paradigm of the event. It also allows me to make sure that the everyone understood the mission and how to use the score sheet.

Finalist’s Information

Send me one email with the Finalists’ T-Shirt Sizes, names, and email addresses. I’ll be contacting the Finalists in the weeks leading up to the Final reminding them of requirements and providing encouragement.

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