cage v1 (1850pts)

Tau Empire: Codex (2013) (Formation Detachment) (610pts)

Tau Empire: Codex (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) (903pts)

Tau Empire: Supplement - Farsight Enclaves (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) (337pts)

Selection Rules

Bane of Angels: All units in this formation have the Preferred Enemy (Space Marines) special rule. However, all enemy Space Marine units have the Hatred (Tau Firebase Support Cadre) special rule. The category ‘Space Marines’ comprises all units taken from the following codexes: Space Marines, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Grey Knights and Space Wolves. (Tau Firebase Support Cadre Dataslate)

Bonding Knife Ritual: A unit with this special rule always tests to regroup on its unmodified Leadership. (Codex: Tau Empire p32)

Defender of the Greater Good: Stealth Shas'ui and Shas'vre models in Shadowsun's unit have Sworn Protector. (Codex: Tau Empire p59)

Extremely Bulky: (Warhammer 40k rulebook p35)

Independent Character: (Warhammer 40k rulebook p39)

Infiltrate: (Warhammer 40k rulebook p38)

Move Through Cover: (Warhammer 40k rulebook p40)

Nova Reactor: Declare an attempt to use the reactor at the start of each of its Movement phases. If using the reactor, roll a D6. On a 1-2, the Riptide fails and suffers a Wound (no saves allowed). On a 3+, you can choose an ability listed below to have (until the start of your next Movement phase). - Nova Shield: 3+ invulnerable save. - Boost: Rolls 4D6 for Thrust Moves. - Ripple Fire: Fire twin-linked fusion blaster, twin-linked plasma rifle, or twin-linked SMS twice. - Nova-charge: Can use Nova-charge profile on weapons. (Codex: Tau Empire p45)

Preferred Enemy (Orks) (CC only): Only when making close combat attacks. (Warhammer 40k rulebook p40)

Stealth (Forests): (Warhammer 40k rulebook p42)

Supporting Fire: When an enemy charges, all friendly models with this special rule in units within 6" of the unit being charged can choose to fire Overwatch. (Codex: Tau Empire p32)

Tank Hunters: (Warhammer 40k rulebook p43)

Very Bulky: (Warhammer 40k rulebook p35)

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