2015 CAGE Thorgrim 'n' Company (1850pts)

Space Wolves: Codex (2014) (Company of the Great Wolf Detachment) (1360pts)

Space Marines: Codex (2013) (Allied Detachment) (490pts)

Roster Rules

First Among Equals: (Champions of Fenris)

Grimnar's Right Hand: (Champions of Fenris)

Kingsguard: (Champions of Fenris)

Sagaborn: (Champions of Fenris)

Selection Rules

Acute Senses: (Warhammer 40k rulebook)

Adamantium will

And They Shall Know No Fear: (Warhammer 40k rulebook)

Battlesmith: (Codex: Space Wolves p62)

Chapter Tactics

Counter-attack: (Warhammer 40k rulebook)

Eternal warrior


Feel No Pain (6+): (Warhammer 40k rulebook p35)

Fenrisian Wolves and Cyberwolves: (Codex: Space Wolves)

Graviton: The roll needed To Wound when firing a grav-weapon is always equal to the armour save of the target, to a minimwn of 6+. For example, when resolving a hit against a Space Marine in power armour you would need a 3+ To Wound. When resolving a hit against a vehicle, roll a D6 for each hit instead of rolling for armour penetration as normal. On a 1-5 nothing happens, but on a 6, the target suffers an lmmobilised result and loses a single Hull Point. Grav-weapons have no effect on buildings. (Codex: Space Marines 2013 p121)

Independant Character: Independent Characters can join other units. They cannot, however, join units that contain vehicles or Monstrous Creatures. They can join other Independent Characters, though, to form a powerful multi-character unit!

Joining and Leaving a Unit
An Independent Character can begin the game already with a unit, either by being deployed in unit coherency with it or, if the unit is in Reserve, by you informing your opponent of which unit it has joined.

In order to join a unit, an Independent Character simply has to move so that he is within the 2" unit coherency distance of a friendly unit at the end of their Movement phase. If the Independent Character is within 2" of more than one unit at the end of its Movement phase, the player must declare which unit it is joining. If an Independent Character does not intend to (or cannot) join a unit, it must (where possible) remain more than 2" away from it at the end of the Movement phase. This is to make clear whether they have joined a unit or not. Note that, after an Independent Character joins a unit, that unit can move no further that Movement phase.

An Independent Character can leave a unit during the Movement phase by moving out of unit coherency with it. He cannot join or leave during any other phase – once shots are fired or charges are declared, it is too late to join in or duck out!

An Independent Character cannot leave a unit while either he or the unit is in Reserves, locked in combat, Falling Back or has Gone to Ground. He cannot join a unit that is in Reserves, locked in combat or Falling Back. If an Independent Character joins a unit, and all other models in that unit are killed, he again becomes a unit of one model at the start of the following phase.
While an Independent Character is part of a unit, he counts as part of the unit for all rules purposes, though he still follows the rules for characters.

Look Out, Sir
Independent Characters pass Look Out, Sir rolls on a 2+.

Heroic Morale
A unit that contains one or more Independent Characters does not need a double 1 to Regroup if reduced to below 25% of its starting numbers, but instead tests as if it had at least 25% remaining.

Special Rules
When an Independent Character joins a unit, it might have different special rules from those of the unit. Unless specified in the rule itself (as in the Stubborn special rule), the unit’s special rules are not conferred upon the Independent Character, and the Independent Character’s special rules are not conferred upon the unit. Special rules that are conferred to the unit only apply for as long as the Independent Character is with them.

Independent Characters and Infiltrate
An Independent Character without the Infiltrate special rule cannot join a unit of Infiltrators during deployment.

Independent Characters and Ongoing Effects
Sometimes, a unit that an Independent Character has joined will be the target of a beneficial or harmful effect, such as those bestowed by the Blind special rule, for example. If the character leaves the unit, both he and the unit continue to be affected by the effect, so you’ll need to mark the character accordingly.

For example, Farseer Mehiledrin and his unit of Eldar Guardians are set ablaze by a weapon with the Soul Blaze special rule. If Mehiledrin leaves the unit, both he and the Guardians will still be ablaze and the ongoing effects of the Soul Blaze rule must be resolved separately.

Conversely, if an Independent Character joins a unit after that unit has been the target of an ongoing effect (or joins a unit after himself having been the target of an ongoing effect) benefits and penalties from that effect are not shared.

For example, Crimson Fists Tactical Squad Hemanez is suffering the effects of the Blind special rule. If Captain Cruiz joins the unit, he does not suffer the results of the Blind special rule as he was not there when it happened!

Independent Character

Oath of War: (Codex: Space Wolves p54)

Orbital Bombardment: Once per game, a Chapter Master may call down an orbital bombardment in his Shooting phase. This coun ts as firing arranged weapon with the profile below. This does not prevent the Chapter Master and his unit from declaring a charge against the target unit that turn.

Psychic Discipline: Biomancy: (Warhammer 40k rulebook)

Psychic Discipline: Daemonology: (Warhammer 40k rulebook)

Psychic Discipline: Divination: (Warhammer 40k rulebook)

Psychic Discipline: Telekinesis: (Warhammer 40k rulebook)

Psychic Discipline: Tempestas: (Codex: Space Wolves)

Psyker (Mastery Level 1): (Warhammer 40k rulebook)


Space Wolf Tactical Objectives: (Codex: Space Wolves)

Very Bulky: (Warhammer 40k rulebook p35)

Ward: (Codex: Space Wolves p52)

Warlord: (Warhammer 40k rulebook)

Warlord Trait: Champions of Fenris: 1 Fire in the Blood
2 Thread-cutter
3 Gatekeeper
4 Blessing of the Wolf
5 Thane to the King
6 Deeds Beyond Counting (Champions of Fenris)

Warlord Trait: Space Wolves: 1 Saga of the Warrior Born
2 Saga of the Wolfkin
3 Saga of the Beastslayer
4 Saga of the Bear
5 Saga of the Hunter
6 Saga of Majesty (Codex: Space Wolves p94)

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