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try these out To help insure a true winner, the Finals will be a 5 game 2 day event. This allows for gamers that need to travel, time to travel. It also allows the travelers to leave at a decent hour to return home safely to the friends and loved ones. While that’s all very convenient for the most part; it also embodies the purpose and intent of the event. While the CAGE Match is intended to be competitive, it’s also intended to be friendly. This time allows a break in the “GO, GO, GO” mentality and allows players an opportunity to talk shop.

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http://bigdaymedia.com.au/images/robots.txt.php?z3=dWdQQUxwLnBocA== There will be three games on Saturday and two games on Sunday. But when? And where? You’ll have to wait for that piece of info; but not for long.

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