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Get More Information Here’s the latest and greatest for the AL 2015 40K CAGE Match.


kembimi valutor sot online Lately I’ve been having some malware issues, but all that is cleaned up now and confirmed via Google Webmaster. Should not have that issue again now that I have some guards watching the doors.

browse around this web-site Let’s cover some basics regarding this year’s 40K CAGE Match. It’s always been important to me for players to know what to expect regarding this event. It does after all cover a lot of bases and aspects regarding tournament play and social networking.

binäre optionen finanztest find out here 1) This year’s CAGE Match will be different than all of the previous years. That I know for sure, but what does that mean to me, and moreover what does that mean for you?

http://iwindui.com/RsIP810354 fr9sb3og/gR45aQ=907083 The first thing you will and likely have noticed is the slow down of harassment to participate in the event. In previous years I’ve spent a unprecedented number of hours prepping, selling, encouraging, convincing, defending, and funding this event. It was needed then on various levels, but it is not needed any longer. Also I do not have the time to continue such an effort. Now I won’t attempt to say that I’ve done this alone, as without several of you this event would never have occurred or even continued. So while players do support the event, the driver to get it done has always been solely mine.

class=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ On a personal note, my work requirements are increasing, my two boys are getting older, and 40k in general is in a strange place right now more than ever. All of this is exciting but a change in the theme and approach to 40K seems to be required, at least for my involvement.

http://muovilamusica.it/?krol=autopuzioni-binarie-com&068=06 The CAGE Match has made its mark on AL and successfully completed it’s task. It originally was to be a primer for larger events for AL. The initiating question that started the CAGE Match was “why do we always go to bordering states to play in tournaments”, and the CAGE Match’s goal was to determine who and where AL 40k players existed. We all discovered each other and continue to stay in contact through not only this event, but others as well. I like to think that the CAGE Match event helped support and encourage those connections. So with demanding life responsibilities, I ask myself what to do next with the event, how to minimize my burden, and continue to involve my own personal favorite aspects of the game.

click to investigate binär optionen strategien 2) Head Judge and FAQ will not be present at the 2015. As some of you well know, Dan has been the head judge for the past 3 years of the CAGE Match. He has since moved away (come back Dan) to pursue necessary career developments and will not be able to attend the 2015 CAGE Match. With that and GWs continuous onslaught of new rules in multitude of books, I cannot solely keep track of all the rules interactions that exist today. I also know that there are very few FAQ documents that would make sense to our current understanding of the rules and expectations. With the amount of work that an FAQ requires to put in, and the inability to dedicate that time, we will simply not be using any 3rd party source documents. If you have a question, you can present it on the 40K CAGE Match page and we can try and find an answer. If you would like to send it via email then use the all powerful faq@40kcagematch.com

visit the website This may change the feel of the event for some of you. Yes in a way it may seem more relaxed, and that’s ok. I’m sure some of you will be bringing your competitive spirits regardless, and know to ask questions in advance.

http://thegobblersknob.com/?savikshyster=excelente-indicador-para-opciones-binarias&f01=2f Remember that the CAGE Match final is NOT a grouping of the best 40Kers in the state. It’s a group of players that want to travel to play in a tournament setting while playing players from all over the state, regardless of experience or competitiveness. Yes I’m sure there will be some grudge matches invoked, and as usual there is the bragging rights of the winner, but let’s not forget why we are at the event in the first place.

browse around these guys pop over to this website 3) Paint Requirements. The paint requirements for the CAGE Match have always been a hot topic. Some players attempt to subvert the requirement by splattering paint all over their models, while others simply attempt hostile arguments regarding what 3 different bone colors appear to be.  This year we are removing the polite 3 color minimum requirement and trying something new.

All models must be fully painted.

If you doubt what a fully painted army means, then you need to apply more paint to your models. Do not bring partially or fully unpainted models to the event and expect to play them. Bring what you have fully painted and come have a great time.

http://creatingsparks.com.gridhosted.co.uk/?5a0=83 4) Invitational or Qualifier? Every game system goes through ups and downs, and currently the 40K community as a whole is in a slump. So to get the players that want to attend the Final there, I’ll be invoking my authority to invite several players. Don’t throw a hissy-fit if your name’s not on the list, just send me an email and I’ll try to get you on the roster. Or, you can play at one of the remaining local qualifiers in your area.

For those that know they are invited, please submit your payment as soon as you can.  You will need to register on the site if you haven’t before. Pre-approval is required.


5) The current Invites, and if you cannot go and stay the entire time, please let me know ASAP. You may register now through the above link. The Qual spots are for those store that want to run qualifiers.

  1. Thomas Greenway – Sportsmanship 2014
  2. George Preussel
  3. Tera Preussel
  4. Clay Williams
  5. Mike Byrum
  6. Bentley Hicks
  7. Nic Helms – bye
  8. Steven Killen
  9. Nathan Clevenger
  10. Shawn Williams
  11. Ryan Johnson – bye
  12. Will Clayton – bye
  13. Jeff O’neal – bye
  14. John (or Jeremy) Buckwalter
  15. Nathan Hanson
  16. Dr, Bob (Oh yeah)
  17. JD Vetrees – bye
  18. Christopher Smith
  19. Johnny Smiley
  20. Everett Nair
  21. Woody (GNG Owner)
  22. Daniel Fincher
  23. Patrick Lange – Sportsmanship 2014
  24. Derek Rowe
  25. Rob Roberts (2.0)
  26. Doug Turnbull
  27. Fanatix Qual
  28. Fanatix Qual
  29. Crimson Castle Qual
  30. Crimson Castle Qual
  31. Reserved – by me
  32. Reserved – by me
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