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It’s the day before the battles begin. Some of you are already on the way. Be safe, bring friends, bring your armies, bring the right models, bring your lists, bring the right lists, bring your rule book, bring your FAQs, bring your sportsmanship, bring your game face, bring your dice (the good ones), bring deodorant.

Leave early enough to avoid traffic or at least not be hindered by it, and take time to get to know your surroundings. Get to Excelsior early enough on Saturday to have your army judged for painting, and to check-in to let us know you made it. 10am is the start of check-in.

A few of us will be already stationed at the store Friday, gnawing at our fists awaiting FNM to come to an end. Some will be hanging out at On Tap near the Galleria till FNM ends around 11pm, I hope.

We will flip the store and be deploying terrain. If you get in early send me a text and if we are still there, come on by and check out the store. The Finalists should have my information via the emails sent after qualifiers.

I look forward to seeing and meeting everyone and hope you have a great time and experience.

A MAP of HOTEL (some staying at) and Excelsior

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