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PaintedFigs are the World’s Largest, Specialist, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Miniature Painting Service. With a team of full time staff made up of expert painters, builders, packers, and customer service reps, we have become the leader in our field in terms of cost, quality, and service.

some of our work

 I luckily caught up with Navin during the Holidays to ask if they would be willing to support our state tournament. Here’s what they said…

Hey there Jeff!

Navin here, thanks for your email. We’d be happy to help out. We can offer a 10% discount to any convention goers who mail us their convention ticket stub along with their order.

I’ll have to get back to you on something “prize” oriented though. I’m on vacation right now and want to give this some proper thought.


Thanks a lot Navin for supporting our event, and our players. I look forward to seeing some examples of your team’s painting and modeling skills. I can’t wait to share what the prize might be.

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