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Each year Dan and I get the opportunity to look at some awesome modeling works. Some are more works in progress while others are works of art. Either way players send them in, to insure that not only the model is legal for play, but also that the model will interact as expected. Since we’ve started doing this, we’ve seen custom models from as large as a Fortress of Redemption to as small as Termagants.

As all counts-as models, they should not confer a modeling advantage over the standard Citadel model. Thus someone players could feel free to use things such as the Mantic Zombie Marines or the Paulson Anime Railguns as they do not confer an advantage. It would even be OK to bring a WW2 Stuka model converted up as an Ork Dakkajet, as long as the model was roughly equivalent in size.  Finally understand that if you are not bringing the current model, you may not gain any advantages but can still gain all the disadvantages.

Importantly ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Is this model abundantly clear what it is?
  2. Is this model very close in size to the GW model?

If you can say yes in both cases then it is probably ok. If you answer no to either question, then it probably won’t fly.

As with any uncertainty it’s imperative that you contact the event staff regarding any potential questions, or concerns. This is your responsibility as a player and a tournament attendee to make sure the model is acceptable for play. You can always email us at FAQ@40kcagematch.com if you have any questions regarding any aspect of you models being taken to the Final.

Q: What about Power Weapons?

A: Models that include a power weapon with no further special rules is expected to be played as the model is equipped. You can model a different type power weapon but it must appear to be however it is played. You must denote the power weapon type in your army list and it cannot change throughout the tournament.


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