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I want each player group that plans on participating in the 2014 40K CAGE Match to submit 5-8 missions to be selected from.

I’m hoping to get more players involved, and some mission analysis never hurt anyone.

The past two years have been a similar mission set played for 5 rounds, next year in 2014 they will be different each round.

The Boundaries: I was looking to do straight 6th Ed missions with minor tweaks either to the missions themselves or applying specific deployments. I’d suggest starting there as a base when developing your mission set packet. Mysteriousness should be included.

Remember that while some funky things can be suggested and are encouraged, having the missions too complicated makes for a difficult time explaining them to a large group of players.

I’ll announce the missions after some play testing is done.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s participation and feedback!

Submit your missions in PDF form to FAQ@40kcagematch.com by the end of March.

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