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article So why painting? Well that is really a simple answer. We believe it is an important part of the hobby as a whole. In fact along with the actual modeling and converting, appearance can be a complete hobby on its own without the game.

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3c58874407d5abc80385d82e491ecc64 Then why wait until now? Well, the first couple of years we were trying our best to get our act together and figure out how to run a tournament and rally the state. Now we have an opportunity to try to make the event better, and more rounded, so we have decided to increase our focus on painting. We aren’t getting rid of our normal best painted army award, but we can now recognize more people in a new category. We think this is a move in the right direction, providing more opportunities for people to participate from across the state, and to be recognized for their contributions to the hobby. We hope that you feel the same way.


http://www.tombeaton.com/?karamba=binary-forex-brokers&581=27 So what is the rules breakdown? Well, we are still pretty open on most things, but some basics have been decided.

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resource – Each store may provide up to three single models to be judged. Get More Info – These models do not need to be painted from a Finalist. These just need to be the best three single models that the store can provide. – The entries do not need to be from different painters, but we encourage stores to send models from different painters. We think this increases community participation.
– These models need to be available for display all weekend at the Final. That means they can’t be models included in a Finalist’s army. This requirement eases the burden on our paint judges, and also allows for people to view them at any point.
– We are invoking a honor code on claiming who painted the model. We honestly don’t have a method to police this beyond your own honor, but the community is a small place, and word does travel.
– The models need to be 40k models. It is the 40k CAGE Match.
– We have a rubric that will be used for judging. It will be similar to the NOVA Open rubric, and we will develop a page explaining that soon.

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Recommended Site We are really excited about this new paint challenge, but how do we determine our three best models? We leave that up to the store, but if you don’t have any ideas, we do have a suggestion.

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trader migliore al mondo opzioni binarie Modeled off the method being used by the Crimson Castle, we suggest that you have each person interested in submitting a model to do so on Friday January 31st. Leave all the models on display over the weekend at the store, with a slip of paper and a box. Have the store patrons cast votes for their three favorite models. Each person gets one ballot. Top three vote getters proceed to the Final.

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