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December is almost upon us. Which means we are even closer to the Qualifiers in January. It’s time to start painting and getting those lists critiqued. The best way to do that is have a Paint Night once a week and a Practice Tourney at least once a month.

Remember that Practice Rounds are for your local store players to test their lists. And they are opportunities to see the competition… so travel if you can. While the CAGE Match is an individual effort at the table, that should be the only time it is. Planning, tweaking, and painting tips should all be a community effort. Sure you want to go to the Final, but the best chance of going and having that darn banner at your store for a year is going to come from developing the community.

If you are the top player in your area often, then it’s generally time to branch out and see the other meta around the state or Southeast. This is the best way to test your player and army building skills.

So here are some opportunities to knock the dust off those models, or truly test your ‘uber list.

[h3]Sunday Dec 1st[/h3]
3150 B Lorna Road, Hoover, Alabama 35216
(205) 822-0227

[h3]Sunday Dec 8th[/h3]
CJ Cards and Games
5192 Caldwell Mill Road Suite 103, Hoover, Alabama 35244
(205) 980-3041

[h3]Saturday Dec 14th[/h3]
Gamers and Geeks
4805 Moffett Rd, Suite J, Mobile, Alabama 36618
(251) 725-6640

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