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home Wow, that did escalate quickly. I’ve been getting several questions form all sorts of sources and just as much feedback as well. Anyone knows that you get as many opinions as people you ask. So here’s my ‘official’ take on the new releases that have been coming out.

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visit this page Escalation has no place in a 1500-2000 point game. I love the models, and I think playing Apocalypse type battles are fun. So I look forward to including those rules in any large point 40K games I’ll play in the future. The issue with allowing these types of rules creates a situation where everyone must take a super-heavy to balance the games out. This is different than Flyers whom, at times, can just be ignored while a player destroys their opponent’s units that would otherwise win them the game. Flyers don’t require you to take other flyers per say, while super-heavies do. There’s means of which some fortifications could have an answer to an opponent fielding a super-heavy, but those are also not solving the problem. To battle those fortifications you need fortifications of your own, or you guessed it… a super-heavy. I now understand the purpose of the name Escalation. A standard 40K game has always been about infantry level battles and their interactions on the field. I believe that at standard points value armies should stay that way. So I won’t be allowing any Escalation to the CAGE Match for 2014. I hope that it doesn’t discourage anyone from coming out to play or supporting this event series. I also hope to see events that do allow it and look forward to running one of my own that does.

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binary option demo Stronghold Assault updates the Main Rule book with a lot of clarifications regarding Buildings, Battlements and the Fortifications. While frustrating that GW hasn’t errata the Main Rule Book to make these changes truly official, I like to attempt to allow as many changes to the standard 40K games as possible. Thus Stronghold Assault will be allowed in the 2014 CAGE Match. There are, however, some restrictions that need to be implemented.


Full Article For our organized tournament play, we have time limits, and those time limits have value that I won’t go into here. Currently we replace terrain to place fortifications, as this speeds things up for game setup time. Some of the fortifications released in the Stronghold Assault have no place in this particular format, as they are simply to big to deploy in our fashion. I also value the type of terrain and placement that we strive to use at the CAGE Match events and replacing entire halves of tables’ terrain truly affects that in a negative way. In the future I hope to allow terrain placement which would include these larger networks of fortifications, but for the 2014 the following restrictions apply. Fortification Networks cannot be taken, an fortifications that contain ‘Strongpoint’ in their name cannot be taken.

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http://financeinspired.com/?voskovafigyra=ikili-opsiyon-nas%C4%B1l-oynan%C4%B1r&a11=36 It’s also important to note that we expect all fortification rules to be superseded by the Stronghold Assault release, which replaces any rules released in the Main Rule Book, rules included in fortification sets, or any other not mentioned here.

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iq option invita amici I hope this answers some questions and if you have any questions contact us at FAQ@40kcagematch.com

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