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[separator text=”Mission Goals Data”]

Each year I like to collect data on the mission goals. One of the things that I track is what goals solely determined the outcome of the games. This stemmed from 6th editions inclusion of First Blood. Generally speaking if you are playing a main rule book mission, First Blood is a big deal. When the mission involves other means of scoring points, then the effect of First Blood becomes less weighted.

In 2013 there were 3 games determined by First Blood. In 2014 there were 6, almost 10% of the games. Here are the stats for the other goals.

Count 0 1 0 1 6 0 0 2 2

Above we can see that Purge the Alien was the sole determination of one game. We had two games determined by victory points.

[separator text=”Deployment Seized”]

One of the things that we perceived in regular games, was if a person seized the initiative then they had a greater chance of winning their game. So this year we tracked who deployed first and who Seized the Initiative, and whether they won or lost their games.

Won Lost
Deploy First 28 40
Seize Initiative 5 5

Above you can see that the players that deployed first lost their games almost 60% of the time. In the games played, there was a 50% chance of winning or losing if you seized the initiative. According to these stats, deploying second had more of a factor than attempting to seize the initiative. Did it seem that way to you?

In the Second Round, no player seized the initiative…. interesting.

[separator text=”To Much Death, So Little Time”]

We also tracked whether games ended naturally or if timed was called. Included in that we tracked what turn the games ended. Tracking these sorts of things allow us to look at individual players and whether they may be ‘slow-playing’, and whether or not the event needs to go to lesser sized armies, or simply more time per rounds.

Number of Games 68
Average Turns 4.9
Ended Naturally 46 Turns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Games 0 0 5 6 20 13 2
Cumulative 0 0 5 11 31 44 46
Ended by Time 22 Turns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Games 0 0 3 6 12 1 0
Cumulative 0 0 3 9 21 22 22

The average number of turns looks very promising. Generally players seem to feel that getting in 5 turns means that both players had equal amount of time to get a game in and put their strategy in play.

Looking at games that ended naturally allow us to set a base line of what to expect from the games that ended due to time. Assuming that a 5 turn game is acceptable then only 9 games were cut short. How do you interpret the information?

[separator text=”Who maxed out the Goals?”]

Crusade was won every round by Mike S and Steven B.
Emperor’s Will was won every round by Ryan J.
The Relic was seized three times each by Johnny S, Clay W, and Will C.
Purge the Alien was achieved every round by Jason V and Ryan J.

First Blood was spilled every round by Ryan J and Nic H.
Forty-seven Warlords were slain over the weekend.
Line Breaker was achieved every round by Will C, Robert R, Ryan J, Clay W and Doug T.

Derek R played: Steve S, Steven B, and Stephen K. The only player to play all the Steves.

Other than bracket 1 for game 4 & 5, no player played another person from their same qualifier store.


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