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This year we will be continuing a bit of tradition. I am inviting some of the top players from the previous Final to this year’s Final. Each year will still be dependent on the space available and the number of stores participating. I sent out a few questions to the current Finalists to get a glimpse of history, insight, perspective, and advise.

Steven plays in the Birmingham area generally but is known to travel to Tuscaloosa for games as well. Steven took 3rd in the 2013 CAGE Match.

JBW: Hey Steven, Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. So how did you get into 40K?

My Uncle Steve purchased me the Mordheim box set and then I found out there was a similar game… IN SPACE!!!

JBW: What other Games/ Systems do you play?

As for miniature games, I play 40K mostly but also have recently gotten into  Dropzone Commander, and have a 15mm army for Grutz though I have yet to play it.  I also have a Hordes army that I purchased on recommendation from a friend, but never play it.  I also really enjoy Super Dungeon Explore but don’t get to play it very often.

JBW: Do you have other armies? Would you mind giving us a quick list of them?

I currently have Dark Eldar, Tyranids, Dark Angels and starting Tau.  I also have a small selection of Eldar allies.

JBW: In your opinion what do you think makes a good tournament player?

Knowing the rules is key and experiencing many types of lists helps you not be surprised. A good attitude is vital as I firmly believe that dice respond to “bad vibes”

JBW: What qualities do you think you need to bring to this event and tournaments in general?

Um… all the qualities that make a good tournament player?  I don’t understand this question.

JBW: There will be even more players this year that you haven’t met or played before. Is there any tips you would share on playing new players?

Don’t be a jerk. It’s very important to all of us!  Thankfully we have a pretty solid player base and this is rarely a problem.

JBW: So to put you on the spot; who do you think is player to beat this year?

Bently out of Tuscaloosa is some kind of out of the blue superstar so I think he could surprise people.  Nic also out of Tuscaloosa recently gave me one of the toughest game I’ve had in a long time, so he is definitely one to look out for. And not to sound biased, most of the players from Excelsior stand a decent chance, both from past performances, and seeing the work they are putting into figuring out all the possible army lists and counters for them.

JBW: You had some tough match-ups last year with your Dark Eldar. I think you played against IG and Necron Airforce. What do you learn in those situations that you plan on using this year at the Final?

The game against IG I learned that some people will try to get Slay the Warlord at the expense of all other mission goals which is strange, but not the first time I’ve witnessed this. With the Necron flyers, it was just clear that you need to start the game with boots on the ground.

JBW: Say there was someone reading this who wants to try and qualify for the 2014 Cage Match at their local store. What advice would you give them?

Do or do not.  There is no try!

JBW: Well thanks again for doing the interview.

You’re very welcome.  Now stop making me do things!

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