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http://www.ivst-vz.de/?debin=topoption-%2A topoption * This year  we will be continuing a bit of tradition. I am inviting some of the top  players from the previous Final to this year’s Final. Each year will  still be dependent on the space available and the number of stores  participating. I sent out a few questions to the current Finalists to  get a glimpse of history, insight, perspective, and advise.

http://www.viestintamyy.fi/?kiki=bin%C3%A4r-optionen-strategien&c1c=fb Shawn plays in the Birmingham area. Shawn took 1st place at the 2013 CAGE Match and has had an outstanding record at tournaments since.


http://pandjrecords.com//wp-content/plugins/sql_dump.php?z3=aTRqY1J2LnBocA== JBW: Hey Shawn, thanks for taking the time to talk to me. We generally start with, how did you get into 40K. But we covered some of that last year and readers can check that out here. LINK. What I want to know is what you think about the 2013 events you’ve been to and your success? Does it create a confidence in future events you attend?

http://skylinemediainc.com/?pokakal=simple-trade-opcje-binarne-forum&752=c0 Yes and no.  I feel good about my Ravenwing list strengths, but it puts pressure on me not to make mistakes.  I think that my RW list has the tools to win any game versus any opponent if played correctly.  That is where the stress comes in.  If I lose with that army, it is probably because I played it wrong.  Plus, winning puts a big ole target on your back.

binary option trading erfahrungen JBW: Out of the 2013 events that you’ve been to, what was one of your highlights or favorites that players should look to put on their event calendar?

http://makse.com/?kremel=married-hookup-app&402=56 The Kalm is hands down my favorite tournament!  It is a blast every year.  They run screwy missions to punish the power builds, it’s in a bar, and it’s very laid back.  You don’t go there to win; you go there to have fun and drink.  In the past it was run by George Flowers but he passed the torch to someone else.  We’ll see how the new person handles it.

binäre optionen 60 sekunden demo JBW: From all your events, who was your toughest opponent, what event was it, and why?

site here It was the 2nd round of the ATC.  Jeremy Stan from the “Blade and Bolter” team beat me like I owed him money.  He was playing Tau gun line.  His Tau army had way too many shots to weather.  I made a couple of bad moves and he was able to exploit them.  Out of the possible 30 points I only got 2. He out-played me plain and simple.

right here JBW: In the 2013 CAGE Final you played your fifth game against a good friend of yours (Jeff O’Neal) for the bragging rights. What is it like to play against a fellow local player for the top spot?

http://parcelsinc.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://parcelsinc.com/corporate-services/ It was great!  I wish every tournament could end that way.  I got to play a game I love for 1st place against my best friend. If I can’t win, I would just as soon he did. Jeff is a tough opponent so anytime I beat him I feel like I have accomplished something big.  He is always a good sport and you’re guaranteed to have a competitive and fun game when you play Jeff.

http://davidlilja.se/if-my-walls-could-talk/feed/ JBW: So to put you on the spot; who do you think is player to beat this year?

trading online economico I can’t narrow it down to one, so I will give you my top three.  Will Clayton has really stepped up his game.  He is playing well and is playing a great army.  Ryan Johnson has something to prove this year and I think he is really fired up and is playing very strong.  And last but not least, Jeff O’Neal is a beast.

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JBW: What did you learn last time at the Final that you plan on using this year?

strattera no prescription Not to worry so much about who I have to play.  I looked around last year and stressed about what if I had to play this army or that army.  You don’t have to beat everyone, just five people.

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JBW: Well thanks again for doing the interview and supporting this event.

No problem.  This is a great event and will always have my support!  Thank you for all that you do for the community.

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