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JBW: Hey Ryan, thanks for taking the time to talk to me. You’re going to the CAGE Match for the third time now. What other events do you look forward to attending each year?

Battle for Stones River, Maul in the Mall, ATC, and whatever events you run Jeff.

JBW: Last year you tried a different strategy with planning for the event. What was the strategy? Did it work? How are you planning this year?

Last year I thought it was more important to keep my army selection secret rather than just practice with it openly… and no it didn’t work. This year I made sure to stick with one army, its basically the same army I have played for several months now so I am very comfortable with it.

JBW: What would you like to see incorporated in the future for this event?

I think a Renaissance man award would be neat. This would be an award that combines sportsmanship, painting, and generalship all together to decide a winner.

JBW: Which gaming group(s) are you expecting to see in the top six?

I have no idea, here are my guesses…. Excelsior, Gamers and Geeks, Crimson Castle.

JBW: What is the aspect of the CAGE Match that you are most excited about?

Getting to meet new players and playing 5 games of 40k in the same weekend, 5 games woo!!

JBW: What is a tournament pet-peeve that you would hope players avoid?

Don’t be that guy that rage quits just because you lost a game or think your opponents army is “broken”.

JBW: Say there was someone reading this who wants to try and qualify for the 2015 Cage Match at their local store. What advice would you give them?

Pick an army that you like and start playing\practicing with it now. This will give you time to figure out what works and doesn’t work, then all you need to do is make adjustments along the way as new army books are released.

JBW: Well thanks again for doing the interview.

Shut up Jeff!

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