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find here This is Bentley Hicks’s first time to attend the CAGE Match. He plays at Crimson Castle.

http://hakomica.org/professional-training?id=133 JBW: Hey Bentley, Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. So how did you get into 40K?

strategia opzioni binarie rsi I started playing 40K back with Rogue Trader in a friend’s living room on the floor. His father was the Dean of History at UAB, specializing in military history, and encouraged us to think tactically as we played. We few friends who were playing at the time moved over to The Lion and Unicorn where we tossed our poorly painted blobs of metal against one another. The last time I was in Birmingham I went by the old store and teared up a little to see it is now a Burlington Coat Factory.

http://polonia-wloska.org/?gemoroy=opcje-binarne-gdzie-grac&6b6=96 JBW: What other Games/ Systems do you play?

redirected here I recently started getting into Warhammer Fantasy. Besides that, nothing. I have held true to 40K since day one, and nothing else really appealed to me before. I am enjoying Fantasy though, and have interest in checking out Infinity, but the lack of interested people has put that one on hold for the moment.

buy Pregabalin usabuy Lyrica online canada JBW: Do you have other 40K armies? Would you mind giving us a quick list of them?

http://putnagroznica.com/?prometey=xtb-forex-nas%C4%B1l&217=60 I started with Space Marines and they will always be my one true love. I do have a sizable Eldar army, though unpainted, that I intend to start dabbling with more soon. I also have some Orks lying about and a couple of plastic bags full of old Tyranid stealers and gaunts that I have collected over the years with a mind towards making an army.

http://www.kenyadialogue.com/?selena=0pzioni-binarie&de8=ee JBW: In your opinion what do you think makes a good tournament player?

http://gayfootclub.com/?kontyry=72-virgin-dating-service-shirt&6f5=55 This will be my second tournament ever, so let me just say what I think makes a good player in general. Realize it is just a game. Find the ability to enjoy a game whether you win or lose. Be honest. Nobody wants to play against that guy who tries to pull one over on you. Finally, have fun.  Coming back to tournament play though, I would add to these, be organized and efficient. Have a strong plan A, a stronger plan B and a risky plan C, because rolling 1s happens.

http://istore-buy.com/bestsellers/tastylia.html read this article JBW: There will be players this year that you haven’t met or played before. How break the 40K ice when playing a new player?

article source Hi, my name is Bentley. I will be killing all your army now.

her response JBW: Who do you think is player to beat this year?

dating busy businessman Again, second tournament ever, so I think I will do well to beat myself. By that I mean to remember to do everything I am capable of doing. I hear Shawn Williams is the big target. I have seen Jeff O play his Orks exceptionally well and if he can pull off the tactical moves with those handicaps, I feel he is a force to take seriously with any army. Finally, Nic Helms and Stephen Killen, because I play them often and know how strong their tactics, knowledge and lists can be.

http://officeinsights.se/?limon=om-bin%C3%A4ra-optioner&b1d=a2 JBW: You had a great showing at the Redstone Rumble this year and took the top Space Marine award. What lessons did you learn there that you can use at the CAGE Match?

ikili opsiyon işlemi nedir Wear comfortable shoes. Seriously, ouch. Also, know your army and remember to use all the tools in your list.

binaire opties risico JBW: What is the aspect of the CAGE Match that you are most excited about?

Meeting new people, crushing their armies, seeing them driven before me and hearing the lamentation of their women.

JBW: Say there was someone reading this who wants to try and qualify for the 2015 Cage Match at their local store. What advice would you give them?

Practice with every model in your collection. Find what you like using the most, then build a list around that. Practice again, rinse repeat. Get involved in your LGS events and ask for advice from the more experienced players there on what you can do to improve.

JBW: Well thanks again for doing the interview.

You are welcome. Thanks for all you guys’ work on putting it together. I am looking forward to it.

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