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here This year we have the opportunity to start a bit of tradition. We are inviting some of the top players from the previous Final to this year’s Final. Each year will still be dependent on the space available. I sent out a few questions to the current Finalists to get a glimpse of history, insight, perspective, and advise.

find Ryan has recently placed:

  • 2nd in the 2012 Cage Match Final
  • 9th with his team at American Team Championship
  • 5-0 Best General at the Redstone Rumble

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this JBW: Hey Ryan, Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. So how did you get into 40K?

ez trading opinioni When I was younger I worked a part time job at Hobby Town USA. Not long after starting there I noticed the gaming isle with all the 40K models (3rd edition box set had just been released). I was immediately interested in the game and I loved the Eldar models. Since I worked at the shop it was real easy for me to meet the people who were playing, so I bought some models, made some friends and there ya go!

http://climbshetland.co.uk/?belmondo=best-friends-dating-blog&3e8=fc JBW: What other Games/ Systems do you play?

what to expect when going off premarin Currently I am not actively playing any other games, however I have a few Mordheim warbands and several Blood Bowl teams. Those are two of my all time favorite GW games.

http://revedecabane.com/?ower=binary-options-practice&de4=20 binary options practice JBW: Do you have other armies? Would you mind giving us a quick list of them?

http://www.mittengruppen.org/?galka=balustrade-handrail-systems&0d4=42 I have over 5,000pts Orks, 3,000pts Grey Knights, 2500pts Necrons, 2500pts Ultramarines.

fare trading con successo JBW: In your opinion what do you think makes a good tournament player?

http://kaffehornan.se/anneli-gastbloggar/anneli-bild-2/ I think the most important thing in a tournament is being able to look at your opponents list before the game and know what your general game plan needs to be. For example, what units should be your top target priority, how you should deploy, what units (if any) you should reserve. To do this effectively I think you really need to be familiar with all the army codexes out there, which takes time.

click over here now JBW: What qualities do you think you need to bring to this event and tournaments in general?

have a peek at this site I think the most important quality for every player is to be gracious in victory and defeat, be a good sport. You cannot win every game you play, so be sure to have a good attitude when things aren’t going your way, and treat your opponent how you would want to be treated. Throwing a hissy fit and quiting is bad for everyone.

http://hakomicalifornia.org/what-we-offer/weekend-workshops/18-workshops/223-unfolding-our-deepest-self-through-dreams-8-12-17 JBW: There will be even more players this year that you haven’t met or played before. Is there any tips you would share on playing new players?

tastylia italy Make sure you communicate with them, and have patience. Players outside of your local area may not play things the same way as you and your friends, this is normal and not necessarily a bad thing because maybe they are doing it correct. You just need to ask questions before the game starts, especially about terrain and rules that you know could be contentious. And if you cant come to an agreement just call a judge over, after all that’s why they are there, no need to take anything personally. And most of all, be polite and try to make a new friend.

all options junior trader JBW: You recently returned from the Redstone Rumble in Huntsville and the American Team Championship in TN and did very well. What did you see there and in your games lately that might be at the 2013 Final?

ATC was a 5th edition event, but there were Necron “cron air” armies there and they did well. And now with how tough the flyer’s are in 6th edition I fully expect to see them at the Finals. I also expect to see plenty of barrage weapons, fortifications, and I think there will be more foot armies and less mech, but that is just a guess.

JBW: So to put you on the spot; who do you think is player to beat this year?

There will be plenty of really good players there, but if I had to pick one I would say Clay Williams from the Foundry. He placed very highly last year and was laying the smack down on people.

JBW: What did you learn last time that you plan on using this year?

Last time I played against a couple of armies that I have never faced before, this year I am trying to be more knowledgeable of other armies so I can be better prepared.

JBW: Say there was someone reading this who wants to try and qualify for the 2013 Cage Match at their local store. What advice would you give them?

Practice, Practice, Practice, you really need to play the CAGE mission over and over so that you become so comfortable with it that its like second nature. So when you play in the qualifier you can just focus on playing your opponents army.

JBW: Well thanks again for doing the interview.

Thank you for organizing this great event!

Till next time

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