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go here This year we have the opportunity to start a bit of tradition. We are inviting some of the top players from the previous Final to this year’s Final. Each year will still be dependent on the space available. I sent out a few questions to the current Finalists to get a glimpse of history, insight, perspective, and advise.

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check out this site binära optioner trend JBW: Hey Clay, Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. So how did you get into 40K?

opzioni binarie piattaforma I found out about 40k while up in Seattle playing MTG. I went up to the Wizards arcade and saw that they carried 40k, mind you this was back in 96/97. From then on I have always been collecting and keeping track of the hobby but did not fully invest in the game until about 2004

http://podzamcze-dobczyce.pl/index.php/restauracja/assets/css/skins/assets/css/prettyPhoto.css JBW: What other Games/ Systems do you play?

ukoptions demo account Malifaux and Warmachine as far as mini games go. I am hoping to add Relic Knights and Monster to the mix once they release.

http://bangs.dk/?kaligyla=bin%C3%A4ra-optioner-banc-de-swiss&f39=b7 JBW: Do you have other armies? Would you mind giving us a quick list of them?

http://webgenieltd.co.uk/2015/02/ Oh wow um I have played every army at some point, and by played I mean owned.

official site JBW: In your opinion what do you think makes a good tournament player?

binary options payza deposit Lack of emotional investment in the outcome of the game, knowing all the codex rules inside and out, and the ability to see a statistical outcome over the fluff version. For example Grey Knights will not chew through a squad of 9 Screamers no matter how much you want them too.

http://cocobeach.net/?golybec=opcje-binarne-kto-za-to-p%C5%82aci&cf8=0e JBW: What qualities do you think you need to bring to this event and tournaments in general?

http://zastavametal.com/?pirowok=Priligy-where-can-i-buy-in-Elizabeth-New-Jersey&354=61 Love of the game and a cheerful disposition.

auto option trading JBW: There will be even more players this year that you haven’t met or played before. Is there any tips you would share on playing new players?

http://hakomica.org/tools-to-access-the-heart-of-the-matter†target= New players? Learn to lose gracefully and ask questions! It is common when starting the game to lose a good bit…. it is even more common when starting to travel a tournament scene to lose even more. Be happy in your improvements. Most of all don’t get distracted, one mistake can cost you a game and you will kick yourself for it, I know I have.

JBW: What do you see in your games lately and what do you expect might be at the 2013 Final?

6th ed is less about tabling your opponents and more about jockeying for position in the end of the game. I expect to see a ton of games with lower VP scores that lean towards points and point denial on the top tables.

JBW: So to put you on the spot; who do you think is player to beat this year?

There are two lists to beat, Necron Air and Demons.

JBW: What did you learn last time that you plan on using this year?

Roll better? Still working on that one.

JBW: Say there was someone reading this who wants to try and qualify for the 2013 Cage Match at their local store. What advice would you give them?

Play! Don’t be scared to jump in, even if you lose you will gain that much more knowledge about the game.

JBW: Well thanks again for doing the interview.

Till next time

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